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Widaningsih is pleasant looking and has worked in Saudi for 2 years as a house maid.

She can worked independently with little supervision and will folllow instructions accordingly.

She is married with no children and speak simple english. She accept any job offer to her and

ready to come anytime. Only phone interview is available at your convenience.

Married (30)
Ref: GR0040117
Upd on 11-Jan-17

Fera is a single mum and has worked in Dubai for 2 years she is ready to come anytime.

She can speak English fairly and accept any job offer with supervision initially. She can

work independently and will follow instructions strictly and accordingly. She can only

cook Arab Food need to be trained for chinese or asian food respectively. No off days

is fine with her and handphone usage only in the evening after all housechores are finish.

Divorced (33)
Ref: GR0030117
Upd on 09-Jan-17

Lisya is single and has worked for 7mths here take care an Elderly 87yrs old.

She can speak English and can work independently without supervision.

She is a fast learner and can cook independently without supervision.

She is only available for interview personally early January 2017 and she has

worked in Malaysia for more than 2 years.

Single (26)
Ref: GR00112/...
Upd on 08-Jan-17

Nunung has worked in Taiwan, Taoyuan for 5 years strictly take care of elderly bedridden with 2 employers.

She is married with one 8 years child and she can speak fairly well mandarin but can't speak english yet but willing to learn.

She can cook fairly well taiwan chinese food and worked independently without supervision also ready to come anytime.

Only phone interview is available and she is in Jakarta now waiting for deployment asap no off day is ok for her,

Married (34)
Ref: GR0020117
Upd on 08-Jan-17

Nur Amin has worked here for one year and she speaks little english in a 5 Room Flat.

Previously she worked in Malaysia for 4 years with a chinese family does all the house chores.

She is taking care a pair of elderly cook for them and does all the gneral housekeeping.

She can cook fairly well chinese food and worked independently without much supervision.

She is coming back to Agent mid next week for interview personally if intersted juz call me.

Married (37)
Ref: GR0010117
Upd on 08-Jan-17

Vitri has worked 2years in Saudi Arab as a housemaid does all the general housekeeping and cooking.

In S'pore she has worked 4months take care of elderly sickly old man and all house chores. Unfortunately

the elderly man has passed away and they do not require her service anymore. She is hardworking and

follow instructions strictly at all times. She is willing to accept any job offer and work under supervisions

if necessary. She can speak v.simple english, honest and has initiatives. Personal interview can be arrange

at your convenience anytime.

Married (29)
Ref: GR/TM/06...
Upd on 22-Jun-16
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